The Office Your Satisfaction and Confidentiality are Guaranteed

All STI employees are trained in customer satisfaction. We don’t just research, plan, design, build, install, test and debug your manufacturing system. We also work quietly to protect your confidentiality in the competitive marketplace. As an extension of your company we’re ethically bound to protect your best interests and to ensure quality performance. If improving your company’s market potential is a priority for your firm, call STI today about making it happen. STI. We’re automating America for the marketplace revolution.

Is your Company reaching its full market potential?

Increased marketplace competition in this information Age provides only one certainty: only those industries equipped to change will prosper. Whether your company mills big precision jobs or the most intricate prototype parts, your people, process and products must be flexible in a changing marketplace. Preparing for tomorrow’s competition today is the mark of confident, progressive management-management willing to invest in winning the marketplace revolution.

STI Offers Innovative Expertise

Systems Technology, Inc. provides the kind of innovative manufacturing experience to help your company reach its full market potential. STI is founded upon many years of hands-on problem-solving in the machine tool, automotive and electronics industries. From careful research to turn-key robotics integration STI provides custom engineering services for complete factory automation.

We at STI are committed to crafsmanship. We’re factory automation specialists who also understand people. We’ll meet with you and your people anywhere, anytime to talk about improving productivity in your business.

Precision and Total Service Distinguish Our Systems

STI’s objective is to save your company valuable time, manpower and money in manufacturing new products or in updating processes for existing product lines. STI is uniquely able to take your manufacturing needs from the concept through production capability.

We begin by observing your operation with an experienced eye trained to detect unnecessary delays. We listen to your concerns and goals, evaluating many options for increasing productivity. Then we develop a specific, cost-effective plan of action for your company. Whether you’re looking to us for consulting on existing equipment or for specific machine shop projects, STI is committed to the industry’s highest precision standards.

Our recommendations are based upon sound research, seasoned expertise and state-of-the-art technical know how. That’s because, next to your success, nothing matters more to us than our reputation for excellence.